Shooting in a black hole

I had a lovely catch-up in town this week with one of my bridal couples for January. Kay and Jim are getting married at Brooklyn's Penthouse Cinema, and then all the guests will march around the corner (I'm getting mental pictures of school "crocodile" walks) to the Community Centre for the reception. It's going to be a laid-back affair and Kay and Jim are keen on lots of documentary photography with very, very few formal shots. It sounds like the atmosphere will be great and I'm really looking forward to the job. Only thing is that their ceremony will be inside a film theatre, i.e. designed to be blacker than black. Black walls and a black ceiling. So nothing to bounce flash off, and I don't want to set up any distracting lighting scenario (I can just picture my assistant standing there holding up a big reflector for me to bounce the flash into: nice! She'd kind of steal the show a bit wouldn't she?). So it's going to be an interesting challenge. I do have a camera that performs well in low light and some fast lenses, so we'll see at the rehearsal whether I can get away with doing some of the images with no flash, and perhaps we can set up some rim lighting in a way that wouldn't be distracting for the guests, then use some front fill. Will have to do some testing to see what's going to work. Anything, anything but the dreaded direct flash - urggh!

I don't know, the youth of today...

Creche kids