New and precious

I was excited to have the opportunity to learn from a pro Baby Whisperer this weekend, at a newborn photography workshop run by Jo Frances at her Thorndon studio. I got to spend my Sunday in the company of some adorable, squishy little people: Elise, Florence, Riley, Thomas and Ahtlantah. Jo has been photographing babies for more than 10 years and shared lots of great secrets. Many of which I should have known, having had two children myself, but you do forget a few things and mine are such big bruisers now. I wasn't sure if I should use my watermark on these photos as most of the set-ups in the photographs below are Jo's! But we did have the opportunity to choose some props from Vast, a homewares store downstairs, so I borrowed some fake ferns and set up the last two shots. Thank you Jo and her assistants Sharisse and Amy for an excellent workshop, and thank you also to the parents who entrusted us with their precious new babies!

How far we have come

Annabelle, nine weeks