Signed, sealed and delivered

After all the work I've put into my entries for this year's Epson/Iris Professional Photography Awards I had a last-minute thought that maybe the box of prints would get delayed en route to Rotorua and I'd miss the deadline. Thank you Mr or Mrs R. Dagg for taking safe delivery! I can't get to this weekend's print judging and NZIPP conference myself, so will be sitting at home biting my nails and waiting for texts from friends. I've entered eight prints, all portraits this year. I have to admit it did cross my mind not to enter at all - sort of 'quit while you're ahead' stuff after having such a successful year in 2013 in the Portrait Creative category - but then I decided that was ridiculous and true success is all about continuing to push yourself. I'm so glad I have entered - I have enjoyed the process SO much. I have been busy doing a range of personal shoots that I just know I wouldn't have made the time for if I didn't have that deadline. The Iris awards for me = a Creative Kick Up the Pants. Bring it on!

It's all in the way you hold your tongue

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