Star-struck in New York

I'm writing this from our friends' beautiful apartment on the 31st floor of an apartment building on 42nd St Manhattan - how cool is that?! I am so excited to be here. Mum and I arrived at 9.30pm on Monday night, and I went straight into a 9am-8pm workshop the next day, with the God of Flash, Neil van Niekerk. I had booked it then cancelled when it got moved forward a day, because I was thinking I'd be too shattered to take much of it in, but then re-booked after all, deciding it was too much of an opportunity to pass up. I would have been kicking myself if I hadn't made that decision: I snapped straight into US time and was barely feeling jet-lagged at all.  It was a fantastic workshop, with a good mix of theory and hands-on practice in the Meatpacking District of NYC. We were shooting the models when I heard someone say: "Isn't that Zack Arias over the street?" I am ashamed to say any veneer of New York poise went right out the window and I ran over the street to shake his hand, which my friend assures me is TOTALLY uncool - you're supposed to pretend you see (photography) celebrities every day. I'm such a groupie! He followed me back over the road to say hi to Neil.

Here are some of my photos of our beautiful models. These ones below were when Neil was showing us how to use flash in extremely bright sun.

Then we found a great red wall and a grimy doorway that suddenly looked awesome with the use of flash.

And finally back to the studio to try out some other techniques, including how to deal with horrible overhead tungsten spot-lighting. The models were brilliant - very professional (and patient).

This is Anelisa, who is one of Neil's favourite models to work with - you can see why! She has a very versatile look and was great at constantly moving into new poses. Please forgive the lack of fancy formatting on this post - I've just plonked the images in one after the other - but we're off to dinner, and in my book dinner in Manhattan beats time spent formatting photos on the laptop.....

PDN Photoplus in New York

NY here I come...