Still alive

Oh, my poor neglected blog. It hasn't quite been a month, but not far off it - yikes! I am still here... I have just been taking a little time off as we have had a lot going on. I had some heart surgery last week, which isn't actually as major as it sounds, thank goodness. I've suffered from tachycardia for years and so I was actually really excited to get a surgery date and get the problem sorted! It seems to have worked brilliantly and I am healing well. I am really looking forward to getting back into things, with my next wedding on the 13th and then a couple more just before Christmas. It has been quite nice to have an excuse to take it easy for a bit! I bought a copy of The Luminaries and am LOVING it. And I finally got around to photographing these flowers, which overhang the path in our garden and look so beautiful in the rain with all their purple-blue-green tones. I am going to print this really big for our wall. Does anyone know what they actually are? They could even be weeds for all I know. My mother did not manage to pass on her gardening prowess to this particular daughter...

Bessie and angel Gabriel

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