Suki and Tim's Sri Lankan wedding

Suki and Tim were married just after Christmas (on Suki's birthday!) in a Buddhist ceremony in Tim's mother's garden. There were just a few guests for the actual wedding, and then two days later they held a big celebratory lunch as well. Suki had another beautiful sari for day 2, so we took some photos at Wellington Railway Station and then I photographed their very impressive arrival for the reception before leaving them to enjoy the lunch with their guests. My assistant Mark Berger took the above photo of the poruwa, the Sri Lankan wedding platform.

Photo above right by Mark.

Photo above by Mark.

After the ceremony the guests moved to the patio for the speeches and a special Sri Lankan lunch.

Tim's mother Prue is a member of the Royal Wellington Golf Club, and their staff very kindly gave us access to take some photographs there. It was around 8pm and the light was just beautiful.

Tim is interested in photography - I have never had a subject so excited about the aperture blades being pointed at him! He has just bought himself a 135mm f2 lens, and it arrived on the day of the wedding. I had to laugh when Tim excitedly told Mark in the car that he was about to go to Sri Lanka with his 135mm. And your new wife, Tim?

Two days later I met Suki and Tim again at the Wellington Railway Station for another quick photo shoot before the "garden lunch" at Prue's place in Silverstream. Unfortunately the beautiful weather didn't hold for the second day - the rain was absolutely torrential. Luckily they were able to secure some marquees at short notice, so some tables were in the marquees on the lawn and others were inside the house. Suki and Tim were welcomed to the lunch by four Sri Lankan dancers and a drummer. You may recognise Mohan, who had married them a couple of days earlier. Later he made an appearance in a black shirt, helping to serve the food. He's a pretty useful sort of man!

OK so this last photo was actually taken on the first day, but it seemed a fitting image to close with!

Suki and Tim, your wedding was fantastic. I loved the way you focused on the happiness of the occasion and were totally unfazed by things that didn't go according to plan, like the renovations at the hotel and the bad weather for the second day. You were so relaxed and easy to work with - you made it really fun for us, and for your guests as well. I hope the three of you have a wonderful time in Sri Lanka....

Two weeks old

Three generations