The Super Power Baby Project

The kids were so excited to find a parcel on our doorstep yesterday - our keenly-awaited copy of Rachel Callander's touching book "Super Power Baby Project". Alexander and Eva fell more than a little bit in love with Rachel when she stayed with us while photographing Wellington babies for the book. In fact most people who meet Rachel fall a bit in love with her: she is so full of light and love. Rachel and Sam's daughter Evie was born in 2008 with a rare chromosomal condition and died at just two and a half years old. As a way of countering the frequent "what's wrong with her?" questions, Rachel and Sam began talking of Evie's "super powers" - her strength, bravery, her joy and her ability to evoke in people a depth of love they hadn't experienced before. It became a way of looking for and celebrating the good, the beautiful and the moment. And now Rachel has used her own super powers, of compassion and vision and communication and awesome photographic skills, to create this gorgeous book filled with beautiful photographs of children with chromosomal abnormalities. It's big and it's luxurious and it's heart-warming. Every school should have a copy. And if you're even remotely interested in child photography you will learn a lot just by studying the amazing imagery. You can purchase your own copy at this website:

Baby Arla

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