Sword swallowers and Samurai - Richard Wood photography workshop

This rated pretty highly on my list of "things I never thought I'd find myself doing" - rummaging around in my laundry cupboard to find a lightbulb for someone to eat. Would Softtone be OK? 60W or 100W? Renowned photographer Richard Wood hired my studio yesterday to host a creative portrait lighting and post-production workshop, and had organised to have two interesting models come in: Kent aka samurai warrior, and freakshow performer Roxy Paradox. Given that Roxy is not long out of hospital after a sword-swallowing incident, I was very relieved when it was decided that she wouldn't eat glass after all. In the name of safety she decided to swallow only one sword, not two, and I think all the workshop attendees were gripping pretty tightly to their seats until that sword was out again.

Richard was really good at explaining his approach as he worked, and shared a heap of Photoshop secrets. Now all I have to do is decipher my shocking handwriting and I'll be able to try some of them out. :)

Richard is a Grand Master of Photography with the NZIPP and is known for pushing boundaries and coming up with some pretty out-there (and often dark) work. You can see some of his award-winning shots here.


Cleo and Elias

Eric, aged 2