This is what it's all about

Yesterday morning wasn't the easiest. I had woken up tired and cranky, growled at the kids a bit, and then had to stand out in the pouring rain for half an hour doing intersection duty for the school. Seems lately it always rains on Wednesdays! Once I was home and had changed into dry clothes I got stuck into the considerable pile of work that was waiting for me, and it was one of those days where everything takes longer than you bargained for so you end up feeling frustrated that you haven't achieved enough. Then the email below arrived from my clients Erin and Mark, totally unbidden, and I have to admit I had a wee cry. Wedding photography can be bloody hard work and when you get feedback like this from clients... it just centres you again. It sounds cliched but it really is a huge privilege to be involved in weddings, to be trusted to capture this amazing day in people's lives. I love my job.

Mark and I want to thank you.

We feel you have gone beyond your job description, taking a lot of time and continued effort for us.

Our financial situation was taken into account and you made things all very manageable and easy from our side.

You were easy to talk to. We were listened to and felt our opinions and suggestions mattered and were taken into consideration.

You showed us how thoughtful you are, you have been a great friend to us, and your expertise has shined through.

And we have no doubt in having chosen you as our photographer we have been in the hands of a true professional and are so pleased in our decision.

We have no problem at all recommending you as a top class wedding photographer, and DVD & album designer.

And feel free to use what ever you want to, to show off your talent :)

We are absolutely over the moon with the finished product.

So again Thank you for all you have done for us.

WE LOVE IT ! Thank you :)

We pray blessings upon both your family life and business.

Kindest Regards

Mark and Erin Schomaker


Sunshine through trees