Brothers in curls


These lovely little boys are at what must be my favourite age to photograph. Kids are so full of energy at this age. In fact I suspect Isaac and Samuel's parents came away from the shoot kind of exhausted and fearful that maybe we didn't get any good photos, because the boys were running all over the studio and didn't want to stay still for a minute. Note the use of the curved stool to trap them behind! Well, it didn't take long for these brothers to escape, but it makes a good very temporary holding-pen and it's awesome for banging on.

I think it's easy when you see other people's family portraits to assume that it all went swimmingly and that the kids behaved themselves perfectly, because that's certainly how it looks! In fact the seeming chaos of this shoot was so typical of portraits of toddlers (who'd work with small children and animals, aye??). But it's exactly that energy and openness that makes them such rewarding subjects.

I first photographed older brother Isaac at 15 months and Olivia and Nathan were keen to get photos of Samuel at the same age so they could really spot the similarities and differences. I couldn't see many differences myself! These brothers are so alike it was quite spooky. Just the same lovely head full of curls!  Take a look at these photos of Isaac at the same age - you can see why I had deja vu....

This was my first client shoot in my new studio and it was awesome to get a glimpse of how much I'm going to enjoy it. It's both longer and wider than the space I had at our old house, and it has a lovely high ceiling at one end. I have to admit it's still basically a dusty old workshop - until we get the waterproofing guy back to fix the car deck above, we can't really finish the fit-out. Eventually I'll have a lovely curved white cyc wall, but in the meantime I was using my portable backdrop stands and white paper that covered all the junk stored behind. I took in some rugs from the house, lit the fire (yay for the log-burner out there!) and put out a couple of vases of flowers to try to make it look more welcoming but still, Olivia and Nathan were very forgiving. Thanks guys!

Four brothers

Oskar, 10